Parents Speak


HOLYKIDz Preschool nurtures the childs natural love of learning and fosters mental and physical achievement by encouraging the childs healthy participation in the world around him. Academia provides knowledge but the learning and life skills honed by the encouraging way of education will lead to a responsible and rewarding adult life. We are extremely happy to be able to discover and trust our heart in making the best academic selection for our kids, as loving attention only breeds independence, individuality and good character. Thanks HOLYKIDz Preschool.

A. Panda


As parents we always try to give the best to our children. For us, the best school is the one where our kids love to go, the school where our children learn inclusiveness, develop their creativity and grow in all aspects (social, mental, emotional) of their lives. HOLYKIDz  is one such school. We are happy to see our kids going to HOLYKIDz Preschool.



In HOLYKIDz  , we got the co-operation and support to help the child adjust to the new environment. The teachers and students share a relationship which is hard to find in any other school. The overall growth, both physical and mental, makes them independent individuals, who are capable of making their own choices